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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions we receive, and we hope that this is helpful resource to address common enquiries from potential residents, their families, or visitors. You can ask any other questions here

What types of services do you offer in your nursing home?

We provide a range of 24 – hour care to include:- General Nursing Care, Dementia Nursing Care, Physical Disability Nursing Care and activities for residents to maintain their well-being. See more about our services here.

How do you ensure the safety and security of residents?

Our facility maintains a secure environment through trained staff, regular safety assessments, and emergency preparedness plans.

What are the visiting hours and policies for family and friends?

We encourage family and friends to visit, but we also have guidelines to ensure the comfort and safety of our residents. Whilst we have flexible visiting hours, we would encourage visits from 10:00 am – 21:00 pm. We have a protected meals policy and would ask that visitors adhere to same to protect the privacy and dignity of our residents.

How is the quality of care maintained for residents?

We maintain high-quality care through trained and compassionate staff, regular assessments, personalised care plans, and continuous improvement through feedback.

How is the quality of care maintained for residents?

We offer a variety of activities such as arts and crafts, games, exercise classes, outings, and social events to keep our residents engaged and stimulated. Find our more about our activities programme here.

How are medical emergencies handled within the facility?

Our staff are  trained to deal with medical emergencies. We have emergency protocols in place and are well-connected with local emergency services.

How are medication management and health needs for residents addressed?

Our trained nursing staff manages medications and health needs according to individual care plans. We also monitor and update these plans regularly. We will liaise with members of the Multi – Disciplinary Team as deemed necessary to ensure a robust approach to care delivery.

What amenities and facilities are available for residents?

Our facility offers a high standard of accommodation to ensure a comfortable and homely environment for our residents. This includes:- Single / Single En-suite bedrooms ; communal areas to sit and relax and chat with friends; dining rooms; bathroom spaces etc. You can see a gallery of our accommodation here.

How does the facility handle feedback and complaints from residents and their families?

We have a structured system in place to receive and address complaints and feedback. All areas of dissatisfaction, no matter how small will be dealt with promptly and in line with our complaints policy. A feedback page is available on our site here.

What is the cost structure and how are billing and payment handled?

Our cost structure varies depending on the level of care required. Billing and payments are largely managed by the associated Health and Social Care Trust. This information should be discussed with you by Trust representatives prior to you coming to the nursing home. We can provide additional information to help you by request.

How do I arrange a viewing of the facilities?

Contact the Nursing Home ( Home Manager) to arrange an appointment. Due to day-to-day operational matters it is advisable to call ahead and make an appointment to ensure that you get to speak with the right person who will be able to answer any questions you may have. You can get the details of our management teams here.

How do I leave feedback about your services or an individual?

We have a process for leaving feedback and you can find all these details on our compliments, complaints and concerns page. 

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