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Compliments, Complaints, Concerns.

We understand that feedback is essential, not just for major issues but also for minor matters that might bother our customers. Our teams work hard, so we value and feel motivated by every compliment we receive. Likewise, we treat every complaint and concern with utmost seriousness, and take prompt action with fairness and impartiality. Our goal is to create a positive experience for our customers, so any incident that disturbs or upsets them should be reported, recorded, and resolved as much as possible. By actively listening and acting upon the feedback our customers provide, we can continue to improve the quality of service we deliver.

How to... 

...give a compliment or nominate someone for recognition.

Complimenting a nursing home involves acknowledging and appreciating the care, facilities, and services provided to residents. Compliments could be made about the following areas:

  1. Quality of Care: How did the staff exceed your expectations in caring for the residents?

  2. Compassionate Staff: Can you provide specific examples of the staff's kindness, patience, or exceptional care?

  3. Cleanliness and Maintenance: What aspects of the facilities or cleanliness impressed you?

  4. Engaging Activities: Share any activities or programs you found particularly beneficial for the residents.

  5. Communication & Inclusion: How did the home involve you or keep you informed about the care of your loved one?

  6. Nutritious Meals: Any specific feedback on the quality or variety of meals provided?

  7. Comfortable Environment: What aspects of the home made it a comfortable and welcoming place for the residents?

  8. Professionalism and Support: Any experiences that highlighted the professionalism or support provided by the staff?


Encouraging compliments through a structured form can help gather specific and constructive feedback that reinforces positive aspects of the care provided. This is why we ask that compliments are submitted, where possible, using the form below.

...make a complaint or report a concern.

Leave us a compliment

Which home does your compliment refer to?

Thank you for taking the time to share your positive experience at our nursing home.

Your feedback is invaluable to us in our mission to provide the best care for our residents.

How to... 

...make a complaint or report an issue.

Our Objective is to ensure that are service users / others are provided with a high standard of care, comfort, and safety. However, we understand that at times we may not get this entirely right and you may be dissatisfied with a specific aspect of the services provided. Any expression of dissatisfaction or concern will be taken very seriously and will be thoroughly investigated. The company will handle all complaints efficiently and effectively thus aiming to ensure that a positive outcome is achieved for all concerned.

When making a complaint, it's essential to be as specific as possible, providing dates, names and a detailed description of the incident or issue. This aids in the nursing home's understanding of the problem and helps in finding appropriate solutions. The information below provides guidance on what to include in your complaint.

  1. Nature of Complaint: Please specify the issue or concern in detail.

  2. Date and Time of Incident: Provide the specific date and time of the incident if applicable.

  3. Location of Incident: Where did the incident take place within the nursing home?

  4. Individuals Involved: Names or descriptions of the individuals involved, if known.

  5. Description of Incident: Please provide a detailed description of the incident or concern.

  6. Impact or Consequences: How has this incident or concern affected the resident or other individuals in the home?

  7. Previous Actions Taken: Have you reported this issue before? If so, what actions were taken and what was the result?

  8. Desired Resolution: What would you consider a satisfactory resolution to this complaint?

The company have specific procedures for handling complaints. Following those protocols can lead to a more effective resolution of the issue. In the first instance, please liaise with the home / deputy manager who will aim to deal with your complaint and provide a response within 28 days. Should it not be possible to reach an outcome within 28 days, the complainant will be kept informed of any delays etc. If not satisfied with the outcome, seeking external assistance from the Operational Manager (Mrs. Sharon Loane) and/or the Responsible Person (Mr. Patrick McAvoy) should be sought. You can also fill in the Complaints / Issues form below. 

Make a complaint or report an issue

Which home does your complaint refer to?

Thank you for taking the time to share this with us. Your feedback is invaluable to us in our mission to provide the best care for our residents. We will be in touch with your shortly.

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