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Person-Centred Care

At Sanville Group, we take a person-centred approach to care. Our compassionate staff are trained to treat those in their care as individuals, and to always see the person first and then manage the illness.

We take into consideration their desires, their values, their lifestyles, their social circumstances, and we work together with them, their loved ones, and other professionals to get the very best outcomes from their care. Being compassionate, thinking about things from the person’s point of view, whoever that may be, and being respectful are all important.


Person-Centred care is not just about managing a person’s health care, but also their social, emotional and mental well-being, and we do this in a number of ways. For instance, we have activity coordinators in each home who takes time with each resident to understand their likes and dislikes and will tailor activities around those. Our chefs will also include residents when developing new menus and they are free to choose how and where they dine.


Getting residents involved in this way promotes independence and can help them thrive mentally, socially, and physically which is what we strive for at Sanville Group.

Find out about your nearest Sanville Care Home here.

Caring Nurse and Resident

"I'm so well looked after here that I think I will live to well over a hundred years old.”

— William, Resident, County


“You were faithful to the end in the wondrous care of our mother. She was always safe in your care.”

— Relative, County

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