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County and Jones Memorial Share Tales!

Updated: May 9

To celebrate Global Intergenerational Week, The County Care Home got involved in a fantastic project thanks to the wonderful folks at the Kindness Postbox: a Spring-Themed Story Swap with the bright young minds of Primary 6 at Jones Memorial School.

The children kicked things off a couple of weeks ago by crafting the first half of exciting stories before passing them to our residents to complete the tales. Nuala from the Kindness Postbox then took them away to work her magic.

Then on Monday, the residents and The Jones Memorial crew got together at The County to hear Nuala reading the stories out for the first time. The stories were brilliant; we loved what we heard and were impressed with the creativity and imagination of both residents and children.

There were also a few singalongs and plenty of chats between the residents and the children about favourite subjects and finding out what the children want to be when they grow up. And, of course, no gathering is complete without some snacks!

The children were so well behaved and a delight to have around. There were smiles on faces long after they'd left and everyone is looking forward to the next project.

A big thank you to everyone involved, especially the amazing team at the Kindness Postbox and to Mr Barbour and the other teachers from Jones Memorial. Another great intergenerational connection!

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