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Sanville Group Get Stepping

We are thrilled to be launching a new wellbeing programme for Sanville Group aimed at creating a healthier, happier Sanville Group for everyone – residents, staff, and visitors alike.

To kick things off in a fun and active way, we're inviting our staff to join in with a 20-day Steps Challenge. A great way to boost our team spirit, be fit and healthy and get a little bit competitive.

Here's the lowdown:

  • Dates: Friday, April 26th - Thursday, May 16th (coinciding with May being National Walking Month!)

  • Goal: Aim for a daily average of 12,000 steps!

  • Prizes: We'll have fantastic prizes for the individuals and homes that accumulate the most steps throughout the challenge.

  • The Fun Factor: Unleash your inner champion! This is a fantastic team-building opportunity to get active and friendly competition is always a motivator.

So, dust off your walking or running shoes, get those step trackers charged, and prepare to conquer those daily step counts!

Details on how to sign up can be found on your emails, on whatsapp and in your staff rooms. Email if you need any further help!

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