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Crafty January for Hamilton

Updated: Feb 2

January can sometimes feel like a long month, but at Hamilton Court, it’s been a month of vibrant colours and creativity thanks to a programme of arts and craft activities. Residents have enjoyed the likes of knitting, latch cross art, jewellery making and, of course, plenty of laughter and chats!

Resident Jean was the knitting guru, taking time to teach other residents and staff all about one of her favourite pastimes, whilst activities lead Lucy Hart encouraged residents to turn their hands to jewellery making, stringing colourful beads together to craft bracelets which the residents have been proudly wearing ever since. Then our very own staff member Michaella revealed she was a bit of an expert in latch cross art and let everyone have a go.

"I find these kind of activities very relaxing’ says Jean.
Lucy said: ‘Everyone has been so engaged with these activities. It’s not just about making something pretty; it’s about keeping minds and fingers active, being sociable and most importantly, having fun! We just need to encourage some of the men to get involved next time!’’

The residents are already brainstorming their next artistic adventure, eager to keep the creative spirit alive at Hamilton Court throughout February!

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