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Christmas Cards Made with Love

This year, we ditched the off-the-shelf Christmas Cards and decided to do something a little more meaningful!

At the start of November, we launched a competition asking arts and craft-loving residents from each home to design our official Sanville Christmas Cards. Yes, it was a bit early to be thinking about Christmas, but they took on the challenge and three weeks later our head office team were enjoying looking through the loveliest, most creative Christmas card ideas.

We didn't enjoy the judging quite so much. It was our Director Joe Gervin who took on the difficult task and whilst he could easily have picked them all, there could only be two winning entries. A huge congratulations goes to Winston from The County and Lil from Hamilton Court...

We transformed their fabulous works of art into our Christmas Cards and they've been posted out for all our friends and colleagues to enjoy. One recipient said: "Such a lovely idea for a card. I've not received many this year, but this card was definitely worth receiving."

To make them even more special, we also donated £50 to the charity of the residents choice; Winston chose Cancer Research and Lil chose the Alzheimer’s Society.


All the cards that were designed have been put to good use; either being shared with loved ones or with those from the schools and groups that have kindly entertained us this Christmas.


Thank you to everyone involved in our very first Christmas Card competition. We’ve definitely started a new tradition for Sanville Group and we'll look forward to making it an even bigger and better competition next year!  

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