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Love is in the Air

We believe love has no age which was why we celebrated St Valentines Day with two fantastic parties at our homes!

All our staff went above and beyond to ensure our residents and their loved ones had the best day. There was


  • Delicious buns and cakes cooked on the day by our in-house chefs and kitchen teams! There was pink and red icing and cream everywhere!

  • Live entertainment as we welcomed talented singers to fill the air with love songs and familiar tunes, which brought plenty of smiles and even some dancing.

  • Creative activities with our residents making Valentine's cards and even making decorations to put up around our homes ❤️

  • Opportunities to reminisce and chat about our own love stories.

It really was a wonderful day and we'll all sleep well tonight - and be ready to spread love and happiness all over again tomorrow! It's what we do every day! 😍

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