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Sanville Steps Challenge Results

Our Wellbeing Initiative kicked off with a fantastic Steps Challenge, and what a way to start! Everyone did amazing; they embraced the challenge and we’ve been delighted to get some positive feedback!

So, here are the results of our first Team Challenge….


We set a collective goal of 10 million steps in 20 days, and the incredible #TeamSanvilleGroup absolutely smashed it, reaching a mighty 13,560,714 steps! Based on the average steps, that’s equivalent to us walking 5,931 miles which would have got us all the way to Japan. We're now waiting to see if that earns us a Wellbeing Package from the challenge organisers, Irish Life.


A special shoutout to our top three steppers:

Carolyn – 727,260 steps (Hamilton)

Biby - 704,743 steps (County)

Sonu - 643,361 steps (County)

This is an incredible number of steps! Some climbed mountains to get them and others just pounded the roads and paths (and corridors of our Homes)! There definitely must be some sore and tired feet and legs now!

26 of you also hit the 200,000-step mark and are keeping their fingers crossed for those Adare vouchers!


Hamilton Court dominated the competition with a whopping 7,216,249 steps! They managed to recruit more steppers and those that did join put in the miles! Everyone who participated from Hamilton Court will enjoy a healthy lunch on us.

The County also deserves a round of applause for their impressive 3,642,462 steps – also an incredible achievement with fewer steppers.

Head Office, with just 6 steppers, also did brilliantly, reaching 1,336,622 steps.

Within each home, we also had some amazing individual achievements. They will all receive sports vouchers – a well-deserved reward for their efforts!

The Hamilton Court top steppers were:

Carolyn - 727,260 steps

Joanne – 605,304 steps

Rosie - 495,250 steps

The County top steppers were:

Biby – 704,743 steps

Sonu - 643,361 steps

Flor - 614,076 steps

A big thank to everyone who participated. Here’s to keeping those steps up and keeping fit and active, and we’re already looking forward to our next challenge!

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1 Comment

Unreal. Great work and a great summary of the challenge.

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